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This Pocket-Sized Scanner is a Real Life Tricorder

There is a whole lot of stuff out there in the world. There are foods, of which the kinds are legion. There are various...

Med Sensation’s Glove Tricorder may one day help hypochondriacs diagnose themselves

If you were to make a list of retro  gadgets that crushed the souls of children by being less than advertised, the infamous Power...

Sensordrone keychain sensor turns your smartphone into a Star Trek tricorder

Let's run down a list of technology featured on Star Trek, shall we? An advanced computer that can access any and all information at...

Ultrawideband technology could produce real-life tricorders, study says

We all love Star Trek. Until a holodeck becomes reality, the tricorder is our next best bet to make some cool real-world Trek technology....

This Wearable Communicator is Like Living in an Episode of Star Trek

If there's any one piece of pop culture that has sort of propelled us toward our high tech future, it would have to be...

TellSpec Scanner Tells You Exactly What is in Your Food

Eating is a fantastic way to spend your time. Is there anything better than hunkering down to consume a gigantic plate of pizza or...
Wearable Tech Festival Fashion

Wearable Tech Festival Fashion of the Future

Our friends at ID&C, RFID wristband manufacturers, created this infographic that shows what the future festival-goer might look like decked-out from head to toe...

Fujitsu preps a smartphone that reads your face to get your vitals

The Star Trek world of instantaneous medical information is almost upon us. In those series of shows, it is called a tricorder. In real...

Smartphone spectrometer will give it the old Star Trek try

Wearable technology has been trying to recreate Star Trek's infamous tricorder device for quite some time now. Don't know what a tricorder is? Ask...

DIY glasses let you translate foreign languages on the fly

Star Trek is slowly bringing us all kinds of cool tech. Tricorders and Holodecks are on the horizon. What's next? The universal translator would...

Wearable Accessories

Wearables market to grow by 15% by 2023

According to market research firm Technavio, wearables are expected to see a compound annual growth rate of around 15 percent between 2019 and 2023. A...