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Sound Charge

Sound Charge by Orange: The Shirt that Uses Piezoelectric Power to Charge Your Phone

The world of wearable technology is coming alive recently with gadgets that purport to offer the ability to charge an electronic device without actually...

Piezoelectric devices may make endless energy a reality

Piezoelectric energy may just be the future salvation we've all been waiting for. Let's face it. Fossil fuels are becoming a, well, nuisance. Plus,...

NASA makes longer and straighter piezoelectric nanowires in microgravity

So you want power generating pants that are still comfortable? Then you are going to need piezoelectric nanowires. These are not readily available, but...

This Device Uses Heartbeats to Charge a Pacemaker

The heart is a mysterious object. Not only does it regulate the blood that flows through our bodies, it also has something to do...

This Helmet Measures Impact Using Nanofoam

While there are more than a few smart helmets on the market today, very few of them actually work to help save your life....

MP3 Player Creative Bracelet by Dinard Da Mata is Powered by Your Pulse

There are plenty of concept designs out there but some of them are significantly cooler than others. What about an MP3 player bracelet that...

Orange UK’s Sound Charge T-shirt uses sound to charge your phone

Sure, some t-shirts do some pretty cool things. But do any use the power of sound vibrations to charge your mobile device? We think...
intelligent textile pants

Intelligent Textile Pants for the Elderly

It is important that the value of e-textiles and wearable technologies help to improve the lifestyle of people who require medical treatment, rehabilitation after...

Kinetic Charging Piezing Power-Dress

A great way to gather power is via kinetic energy. Why not recollect energy while we are already moving? Enter the Amanda...

Wearable Accessories

Wearables market to grow by 15% by 2023

According to market research firm Technavio, wearables are expected to see a compound annual growth rate of around 15 percent between 2019 and 2023. A...