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Crunchwear Classics – Nintendo almost released a knitting add-on for the NES

Welcome to another installment of Crunchwear Classics! In this new recurring feature we take a look at the wearable tech of the past. It...

Peregrine Glove brings Nintendo’s Power Glove to the 21st century, someone call Fred Savage

Ah the innocent days of the 1980s. We all thought Reaganomics would actually work. We all just knew one day in the future George...

Nintendo’s Wii Vitality Sensor still on the way – According to the company

A long time ago in this galaxy Nintendo announced the Wii Vitality Sensor for their massively successful Wii video game console. The Vitality Sensor...

Pokemon wearable already a sell out

Pokemon Go is a runaway success with millions of players already signed up to the AR powered mobile game. Wareable is reporting that Pokémon Go Plus,...

Manus Machinae Gloves Turns You Into a Cyborg

Remember the Power Glove? If not, it was a contraption for the original Nintendo Entertainment System that promised the world and delivered, well, pretty...

Trinity Magnum VR Controller Makes Oculus Rift Even More Realistic

We all love virtual reality helmets like the Oculus Rift. Nobody is disputing that. However, there is one tiny/big problem with the whole VR...

This Tech-Heavy Pill Actually Vibrates in Your Body

Wearable technology seems to advance at such a rapid clip that its hard to even keep pace anymore. You know what doesn't seem to...

The Mouse Glove is a, well, Glove That Doubles as a Mouse

Ah, the humble computer mouse. This little doodad has been at the forefront of computing convenience since, well, pretty much the birth of the...

Moff Armband Turns the Whole World Into Your Playground

Planet Earth can be pretty cool sometimes, usually when you are about to sit down to eat an entire pizza by yourself on a...

Fujitsu’s Gesture Controlled Glove is a Throwback to the 1980s

The humble glove isn't exactly a paragon of wearable technological bliss. Aside from the occasional pair that allows you to use touchscreens while in...

Wearable Accessories

Wearables market to grow by 15% by 2023

According to market research firm Technavio, wearables are expected to see a compound annual growth rate of around 15 percent between 2019 and 2023. A...