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Telephoto Lens Attachment Adds Optical Zoom to iPad

Taking photos with the iPad isn't as convenient as taking a snapshot with, oh say, your smartphone or dedicated camera. But there are people...

GoPad – A Way to Wear Your iPad All The Time

Here's an invention purely based on being convenient. The GoPad is a harness for your iPad to be able to wear it wherever and...

The iWorm – A Completely Normal Way to Use Your iPad

A number of interesting new ways to use an iPad have been popping up lately. Well here's the newest of the lot - the...
Trego iPad Bag

Trego Bag is Jack-of-All-Trades iPad Accessory

iPad accessories are a good market to be in. Consumers have options to purchase cases, hands free slings, and stands to make their iPads...

TerraCycle turns discarded USPS goods into cool, eco-friendly iPad cases

We all want to save the world. Nobody actively wants to destroy this green, beautiful orb we call planet Earth. Still, it's not always...

Segway and iPad get together to make a weird and wonderful telepresence baby

Apple and their infinitely popular iPad has all kinds of uses in the wearable tech world. You want to combine it with gloves to...

Versetta iPad cases let you show off your iPad with class

You love your iPad. So why not show it off? Now you can, using the finest leather money can buy. Now, thanks to Versetta,...

Voltaic Systems Spark Tablet Case powers your iPad with the sun

Voltaic Systems is the king of solar powered wearable tech, so it comes as no surprise that they would extend their energetic arm to...

Alphyn Industries PADX-1 Ledge – Hold your iPad close to your chest

Alphyn Industries have officially released their PADX-1 Ledge jacket. This innovative piece of clothing features a "kangaroo pouch" that can be outfitted with an...

Syte Shirt is a shirt that totes around your iPad

Shirts can do a lot of things nowadays. Until now, however, nobody has capitalized of the very simple concept of turning a shirt into...

Wearable Accessories

Smart clothing is on the way!

A new range of smart clothing including embedded electronic tags is on the way from UK retailer Slouchy. The company, based in Bath UK, produces...