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Neoh is the World’s First Smart 3D Audio Headphones

One of the best parts of going to the movies, besides spending your life savings and still being forced to watch an array of...

Parrot Zik 2.0 Headphones Are Some of the Best Cans You Can Buy

Headphones. We all need them. How else are we going to ignore everybody else as we wander through our day? There is music to...

These Bone-Conducting Headphones Last a While on One Charge

One of the originators of wearable technology has to be headphones. Can you think of anything before we had the ability to magically listen...

FreeWavz Wireless Headphones Also Track Your Vitals

We all need all the help we can get to help us get off of our keisters and get those keisters to the gym,...

ASUS Strix Pro Gamer Headphones are Full of Features and Owl Eyes

The world of gaming headphones is significantly different from their cousins over in music land. For one, they almost always contain a pull-down microphone...

Wearhaus Headphones Could Let You Share Music With People Nearby

Music used to be a very personal thing. You'd boot up your compact disc player or early age MP3 player, walk around town(or lay...

These Bluetooth-Enabled Headphones Are Made Out of Wood

Headphones are some of the greatest things on this planet. Is there anything better than having some privacy as you listen to some major...

Asus Launches Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones with NFC

Headphones that connect to your device via Bluetooth are becoming more and more popular as Bluetooth technology becomes more advanced and newer versions of...

Sony WH Series Headphones Offer Headphones, MP3 Player, and Speakers

The Sony Walkman series has made a huge impact on portable music and how we listen to music outside of our home. Back in...
Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Earbuds

Cut the Cord with the Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Earbud Headphones

Most people these days use some sort of headphones, whether they are simple, cheap earbuds from the local box store used solely for listening...

Wearable Accessories

Smart clothing is on the way!

A new range of smart clothing including embedded electronic tags is on the way from UK retailer Slouchy. The company, based in Bath UK, produces...