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Google sees wearables as a great fit

Google's experimental product group - ATAP - has announced it intends to ship a smart jacket containing touch-sensitive fabric in 2017. According to The Verge, the...

Is Google Glass Going to Get a Full Redesign? Probably

It wasn't so long ago, couple of years really, that Google Glass showed us the total possibility of wearable technology. A device you wear...

Next Iteration of Google Glass to Feature Intel Processors

Google has taken so long to release the consumer model of its once idolized Glass eyewear device that the narrative has changed from "holy...

Toshiba Tries to Outdo Google With Their Own Glass Prototype

Google has had this whole smartglasses thing on lockdown since day one. They were the first one out of the gate, after all. However,...

Today in Glass – Google’s Eyewear Device Banned From UK Movie Theaters

Google Glass just may be the ultimate in wearable technology. It is absolutely the most "futuristic" of all the currently available gadgets, that's for...

Google Plans Gadget-Spanning Fitness Platform

At it's last big press conference, Apple 'shocked' the world by announcing their inevitable fitness platform, which would one day hope to include their...

Today in Glass – Google Finally Unveils Snazzy Frames

Google Glass is a real and it aint going away. Sure, it has its share of naysayers, saying something about "privacy" or "looking like...

This Restaurant Uses Google Glass to Help Make Ordering Easier

As soon as Google unleashed Glass on the world everyone has wondered when we'd start seeing some real world uses of this fabulous tech....

Google Starts Its Very Own Wearable Technology Platform

For many ages now, there has been a whisper floating through the world. It spoke of a company called Google who would soon be...

Now Google Glass Can Read Your Emotions

Google Glass has caused quite the splash in the wearable technology scene. One might say it has caused even more than a splash, that...

Wearable Accessories

Smart clothing is on the way!

A new range of smart clothing including embedded electronic tags is on the way from UK retailer Slouchy. The company, based in Bath UK, produces...