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This Exoskeleton For Your Hand Lets You Feel Virtual Objects

The trouble with real life? All of that dang real life stinking up the joint. One of the main reasons the tech-age has been...

DARPA Developing Breathable Exoskeleton Made Out of Fabric

When you think about exoskeletons, you no doubt think of large, bulky robotic suits that people step into, like Iron Man's suit. However, exoskeletons...

This Guy Made an Exoskeleton That Allows For Heavy Lifting

The race to see who can turn themselves into Iron Man first sure is heating up. It might seem as though Robert Downey Jr....

This Exoskeleton Will Turn Firefighters Into Superheroes

Firefighting is tough work. In case you hadn't noticed, fire is dangerous and it tends to spread like, well, fire. The men and women...

Panasonic Will Make You Feel Like Sigourney Weaver With This Exoskeleton

Robots are cool and all. They can fetch us beers and open hard to open jars of pasta sauce and stuff. However, the robots...

Titan Arm Exoskeleton Turns You Into a Super Human

The world of exoskeleton technology is certainly a rapidly advancing one. It wasn't so long ago that this kind of tech seemed like something...

Yaskawa Electric’s Ankle Exoskeleton Gives You Strength

Walking is healthy, so all of the pundits and experts say. While this simple cardiovascular activity may be essential for our inner organs, it...

This Exoskeleton Glove Was Invented by an 18-Year-Old

What were you doing when you were just eighteen years of age? I, for one, was spending lots of money on bad straight to...

The Powered Jacket MK3 Electromechanical Exoskeleton Turns You Into a Mech

If you were to picture a gruff, male voice introduce a movie preview with the words "in a world..." you would most likely think...

TitanArm Exoskeleton Essentially Gives You Superpowers

You have most definitely heard of a little metallic guy called Iron Man, right? This Marvel superhero is on his way to a third...

Wearable Accessories

Smart clothing is on the way!

A new range of smart clothing including embedded electronic tags is on the way from UK retailer Slouchy. The company, based in Bath UK, produces...