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This Bike Helmet Actually Reads Your Mind

We all some snazzy sci-fi conceits, or else we probably be either writing or reading a site like this. The idea that one day...

Sweden Develops Invisible Bike Helmet(Really)

Cruising down the highway in a bike or motorbike sure can feel great. The wind in your hair, the leather on your bod, the,...

Citi Bike Helmet Directs NYC Bikers to Nearest Docking Station

Ah, all alone on the open road. The wind at your back. Your two wheels on the sidewalk. Oh yeah. I am referring to...

LiveMap Motorcycle Helmet is Like Google Glass for Bikers

Soon, very soon indeed, we'll have Google Glass technology installed in our ocular sockets so we can see the world as we see the...

This Bike Helmet Comes With a Camera to Record Hit and Runs

Taking your trusty bicycle around town to visit some of your favorite haunts can be one of life's simplest pleasures. The wind in your...

Alago Commuter heated cycling glove will keep your hands warm as you bike

It is cold. It is miserably cold. It is so cold, in some places, that people are taking to just laying in bed all...

Hövding invisible bike helmet will save your life, airbag style

Nothing beats riding your bike around town like the kids in The Goonies. Sure, you probably won't find any treasure but you will find...

Velocomp iBike Powerhouse is the ultimate cycling snuggie for your iPhone

Is there anything better than jumping on your precious steed and heading down the highway? The wind in your hair, the freedom of the...

Eclipse Solar Gear Nomad Solar Bike Bag

Eclipse Solar Gear now offers the Nomad Solar Bike Bag to keep your cell phone, portable GPS unit, and camera charged while away from...
nalini biker shorts

Nalini Biker Shorts

Well into the spring season we all could probably use a little more exercise. While browsing for new wearable electronic workout gear we came across...

Wearable Accessories

Wearables market to grow by 15% by 2023

According to market research firm Technavio, wearables are expected to see a compound annual growth rate of around 15 percent between 2019 and 2023. A...