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LG Urbane launches second edition

LG Electronics have announced the updated version of their Watch Urbane smartwatch - with the key difference being that this is a watch that...

LG Finally Dips Toes Into the World of Virtual Reality

We all know that virtual reality technology is going to take over the world. That's not even a debatable fact. After all, why would...

LG Announces Range of Wearables to be Shown at CES

You probably own something LG made, whether you realize it or not. The long-existing technology manufacturing company has created televisions, microwaves and, well, just...

Here is an Algae-based Thread That Keeps Clothes Smelling Nice

Clothing. We all put it on our bodies every single day, unless some of us happen to be nudists (no judgments here.) As a...

LG Prepares to Release 3G-Capable Smartwatch

Smartwatches are primed to take over the world. However, there are some issues that need to be addressed in the future. For one, most...

LG Officially Unveils Rounded G Watch R Smartwatch

It's no secret that the days of the square and bulky smartwatch are nearly done with. The world reached into the heavens and clamored...

LG to Unveil Circular Smartwatch to Compete With Moto 360

Smartwatches continue their slow, yet steady, ascent to the top of the technology food chain. One thing about smartwatches, however, is that for the...

LG’s KiZON Lets You Eavesdrop on Your Kids

Having kids can be a frustrating process. Not only do they not appreciate us and call us "dorky" and "out of touch" but they...

Introducing LG’s First Android Wear Watch

For one company to sweep the competition to win the smartwatch crown, they'll have to do more than just create a watch people want....

lg sets release date and pricing for lifeband touch and heart rate earphones

Here at Crunchwear we usually get the scoop pretty on forthcoming devices. This is a good thing because, well, knowing about stuff ahead of...

Wearable Accessories

Smart clothing is on the way!

A new range of smart clothing including embedded electronic tags is on the way from UK retailer Slouchy. The company, based in Bath UK, produces...