D’Light Huggable pillow

By Russell Winslow on Nov 21 2007 - 2:39pm

D’Light Huggable Pillow

Diana Lin Design created the d’light Huggable pillow, a fascinating and mystical object that brings the warmth of light in the form of a flurry, decorative pillow into your home.

The huggable pillow has been presented by Diana earlier this year and is now available in a range of different colors through her online shop.

With shorter daylight and lower temperatures outside, we spend more time in our homes, trying to make it as cozy and comforting as possible. The unique shape and flush cover of the d’light Huggable pillow paints a comfortable and soothing atmosphere into our sweet homes.

D’Light Huggable PillowPowered by 4 AA batteries, the mystic lasts for around 4 hours after which the light softly dims down and out. Fortunately, there is the option to connect into the wall via AC adapter for the long winter days.

The pillow cover can be taken off and cleaned. As light source is a high quality, low power and low heat radiating LED that is encapsulated into a soft silicon gel. This soft electronics makes you want to cuddle the pillow all day long.

The color options are: ‘hot sun pink’, ‘original white’ and ’sunset gold’. The price is a bit on the higher end, $ 160.- by Diana Lin Design but it’s a unique and fabulous looking decor item and not a pillow you would sleep on.

It’s that bit luxury that you well deserve.

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Diana Lin Design LLC designs and manufacturers award-winning products that push the boundaries of innovative design techniques. They strive to offer unique and memorable experiences with their designs while bringing happiness and joy to people.

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