Boomphones Phantom headphones turn into a boombox by pressing a button

By Lawrence Bonk on Aug 19 2012 - 3:47pm

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If only everything in this world transformed into something else with the press of a buttom. What if a slice of pizza could transform into a hamburger? What if a cat could transform into a dog? What if your dream mate could transform into a, um, even dreamier mate? The world would, no doubt, be a more interesting place. Unfortunately, until nanotechnology grips our society by the throat, this kind of thing is a faraway dream. Don’t get sad though. We now have headphones that transform into a boombox.

That’s right. Boomphones has quietly launched their Phantom line of headphones.  These ‘phones get their Optimus Prime on by transforming into a fully functional boombox with the press of a button. It really does work. A handy LED light lets you know which mode you are in so as to not lead to any audio pratfalls. The Phantom even comes with a built-in line microphone for when you want the world to know who ya getting chatty with. You can also plug them in to your computer or other devices for a quick and portable amp.

The Phantom comes in Matte Black and Polished White. They launch on August 28th for around $150. The internal lithium battery is easily rechargeable through a mini-USB, providing 10 hours internal and 5 hours external use. What are you waiting for? Let’s bring back the humble block party! We only have so much time before summer ends, after all.

Check below for a video of the Phantom in action. Until you can snag a pair, you had better start doing some neck exercises to account for all the added booming it is going to undergo.

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Boomphones was founded by Ira Strasberg and Ohad Einbinder in 2005 in Toronto, Canada. They are known for creating their revolutionary headphones that can be converted into a boombox. Boomphones is currently based in Los Angeles, California, and produces and distributes all their products in L.A.

Lawrence Bonk

Lawrence Bonk

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